Best Jiggers of 2024 – Cocktail Shakers

Best Jiggers of 2024 – Cocktail Shakers

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In the dynamic world of mixology and home bartending, precision is key to crafting the perfect cocktail. Enter the jigger: a small but essential tool for measuring liquid ingredients accurately. As we step into 2024, the market is brimming with innovative and stylish jiggers, designed to meet the needs of both professional bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike. This article explores the list of some of the best Jiggers of this year, highlighting their features, design, and why they stand out in the bustling world of cocktail preparation tools.

The Evolution of Jiggers

Traditionally, jiggers are dual-ended measuring tools, with each end having a different capacity – typically one ounce on one side and half an ounce on the other. However, as cocktails have become more complex and diverse, so too have the tools of the trade. Modern jiggers now come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and measurement markings, offering precision and ease of use that cater to the meticulous nature of cocktail crafting.

Top Picks for Best Jiggers in 2024

1. The Classic Stainless Steel Jigger

Brand Example: OXO Steel Double Jigger

Features: The OXO Steel Double Jigger remains a staple for its durability and simplicity. It features a non-slip grip and clear measurement markings that are etched into the stainless steel, ensuring they don't fade over time. The two sides measure 1 oz and 1/2 oz, with additional increments for versatility.

Why It Stands Out: Its balance between classic design and modern functionality makes it an indispensable tool for any bartender. The OXO jigger also boasts a dishwasher-safe construction, making cleanup a breeze.

Stainless Steel Jigger


2. The Japanese-Style Jigger

Brand Example: HIC Japanese-Style Double Cocktail Jigger

Features: Known for its elegance and precision, the Japanese-style jigger offers a tall and slim design, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows for more accurate measurements. This type of jigger often includes a wider range of measurements, catering to the needs of complex cocktail recipes.

Why It Stands Out: The HIC Japanese-Style Jigger is crafted from high-quality stainless steel and includes measurements from 0.5 oz up to 2 oz. Its sleek design is not just for show; it significantly reduces spillage, making it a favorite among professionals.

Japanese-Style Jigger


3. The Multi-Level Jigger

Brand Example: KitchenCraft BarCraft Multi-Level Jigger

Features: This innovative design incorporates multiple measurements into a single, stepped tool, allowing bartenders to measure various volumes quickly and efficiently. The KitchenCraft BarCraft Multi-Level Jigger is visually distinct and highly functional, featuring different levels for each measurement.

Why It Stands Out: It's the epitome of efficiency, enabling the quick crafting of cocktails without the need to switch between different measuring tools. The clear markings and ergonomic design make it a standout choice for speed and precision.

Multi-Level Jigger


4. The Copper Jigger

Brand Example: A Bar Above Copper Plated Jigger

Features: Copper jiggers add a touch of elegance and old-world charm to any bar setup. The A Bar Above Copper Plated Jigger combines style with functionality, offering a durable, double-sided jigger with standard measurements. The copper plating is not only visually stunning but also provides a comfortable grip.

Why It Stands Out: Beyond its beautiful appearance, copper has natural antimicrobial properties, adding a functional benefit to its aesthetic appeal. This jigger is perfect for those looking to add a luxurious touch to their cocktail crafting process.

Copper Jigger


5. The Adjustable Jigger

Brand Example: Rabbit Adjustable Jigger

Features: For those who value versatility and innovation, the Rabbit Adjustable Jigger offers an adjustable design that slides up and down to change measurements. This tool can measure between 0.5 oz to 2 oz, with clear markings for accurate pouring.

Why It Stands Out: The adjustable feature eliminates the need for multiple jiggers, making it a space-saving and highly efficient tool for both home and professional bars. Its innovative design and ease of use make it a must-have for modern mixologists.

Adjustable Jigger


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